The physical disturbances in the higher age are that area to which the elderly has adjusted very early (already long time ago). Thus, the thirst is hardly felt, the hunger also only insufficiently felt, even pains often do not develop the same sensory degree as in earlier time (in younger age). That means: Especially on the physical disturbances one must particularly pay attention, which normally in the life first of all urge to the foreground. They do not complain - in contrast to former (younger age) - more seldom and above all not immediately. Moreover count (to that belong): Dehydration, blockage, pains, getting bedsores, dental problems, seeing and hearing.

Even the best nursing home cannot disclaim regular doctoral controls. They are indispensably necessary. At Mabuhaii Nursing Home, Dr. Fernandez, the geriatric specialist will check the patients at least every 3 months.

The age-conditioned lacking of thirst feeling is the cause for too low liquid taking. An originating dehydration is easily recognizable on the back of the hand, because then a skin fold stand up longer. Dehydration can be easily avoided, while the liquid supply is supervised. Attention: coffee promotes the dehydration. Up to the late afternoon 1½ to 2 liters should be drunk. In the evening one should handle with drinks more economically to avoid night toilet trips.
Costiveness (Occlusion)

The bowel movement is even more important at the age than during the younger years. It is a mirror of the physical functional ability. Costiveness (Blockage) affects the well-being considerably particularly, with older helpless dementia sick people. Therefore, supervision is absolutely necessary for the Alzheimer patients. Since the condition is an awkward situation in that the dementia sick person by his illness has got, it is still aggravated by an unnecessary costiveness (blockage). The patient becomes even more worried, more nervous, more irritated and more aggressive. Everybody knows easy measures will help, like: enough liquid, a lot of movement and food rich in dietary fiber.


Alzheimer patients incline to complain about pains which do not exist or what are more serious, pains are not expressed because the pain feeling is lowered. Both can have serious consequences. Therefore, it is very important to watch dementia sick people to the whole body language. This requires a medically trained eye, because pains can be recognized by gestural and mimicked reactions.

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